Article Publication Charges

The Urban Sustainable Development quarterly charges writers a fee for the arbitration and the publication of scientific articles. The payments are collected in different periods of time throughout different stages (From the time of initial confirmation by the board of transcription for the purpose of sending the article to arbitrators up to the point of revision for publication).


The prices are as listed below:


  • Initial submission (for the initial evaluation): 1000,000 IRR
  • Arbitration: 3,000,000 IRR
  • Final Editing and Layout: 3,500,000 IRR
  • DOI and DOR: 2,500,000 IRR
  • Total: 10,000,000 IRR


These amounts will be charged throughout the stages described above. After acceptance in a stage, writers would be asked to pay for the next stage.


Note 1: It is worth mentioning that if in any case, the article is rejected in the arbitration process, the 3,000,000 IRR paid, will not be refundable.

Note 2: After sending the article to the reviewers, a request to withdraw the article is made by the authors, the abriviation  and the initial submission   amount (equivalent to 4,000,000 Rials) will be received from the authors.